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Wildlife Gorilla Filming in Uganda
filming in Uganda
Wildlife Gorilla Filming in Uganda
Wildlife Gorilla Filming in Uganda
Wildlife Gorilla Filming in Uganda
Wildlife Gorilla Filming in Uganda


Welcome to the Official website of Encounter Africa-Film fixers Uganda. We handle all logistical and locational support ranging from press accreditation, media cards,location scouting, we organize filming permits and Uganda Wildlife Authority MOU or filming contracts, we help in temporarily clearing in your filming kit and equipment plus transport and accommodation while in Uganda. Are you looking for Uganda Fixer? Do not look anymore, Encounter Africa Safaris has all the answer to your fixer services requirements in Uganda

Film Fixers Press Accreditation in Uganda

Press Accreditation in Uganda

Film Fixers Uganda processes press Accreditation for all film crews that contact us. Apart from fixing services such as accommodation, transport, filming contracts, permits and kit clearing services, we ensure that your film crew members are accredited to conduct filming for the period they
will spend in Uganda.

get a Uganda filming Permits

Uganda Filming Permits

Encounter Africa organizes filming permits and permissions for film crews. Several organizations require film crews to have permission in order to conduct filming and we do soon behalf of film crews that do contact us. For those interested in carrying out filming in gazetted forest, then you will require permission and permits.

Equipment & Kit Clearing through Customs

Kit Clearing Through Customs

All film crews will be required to temporarily clear in all their filming kit or equipment into the Uganda for the purposes of filming. We are very much aware of this and we do help all those film crew companies that do contact us to temporarily clear kit for them.Uganda has very few specialists that have knowledge on how this work but due to our experience.