Casting Agency and Services

Film Crew Fixers has a reputation of being able to recommend the best casting agencies. We work with the top casting agencies in East and Central Africa including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia, Namibia South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. We ensure that whatever the size or scale of your production you get exactly what talent you require.

Our Services

Customized Recommendations: To achieve this end we are very particular about selecting those casting agencies that meet your project’s specifications granting you access to the right people for your movie.

Extensive Network: Our vast network covers many countries which ensures we have a wide-ranging talent pool. This helps us locate actors and actresses who can easily embody not only their characters but also cultures in your tale.

Affordable Prices: In line with this we are able to negotiate for reasonable rates that allow you have fewer production expenses without compromising on quality.

How We Work

Understanding Your Needs: Just tell us what type of casting you want done then our staff will place persons considering all details. Consider such elements of your story as style; target audience; budget limits and we will analyze them before starting search for suitable participants.

Seamless Coordination: From consultations up to final choices we handle everything concerning cast members which ensures efficiency from our part. The aim is to make sure auditioning process is less strenuous possible.

Knowledge of Local Markets: Being well aware of Uganda’s market, Rwanda’s market , Burundi DRC Ethiopia Zambia Namibia South Sudan markets enables us identify established actors/actresses around these regions.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Competence: Film Crew Fixers has been in business for years hence knows how complex casting processes are as well as importance of finding appropriate persons according to each role needed.

Large Talent Pool: As our company links up with other major actors hiring organizations you can find both new faces and experts at once.

Economical Solutions: Hence, we strive to give you better deals that make it possible for you to manage the budget well but still get top-quality performers in your production.

Get Started

Allow us help you identify an ideal crew for your film. In Uganda, Rwanda Burundi DRC Ethiopia Zambia Namibia and South Sudan Film Crew Fixers has one of the best casting solutions for all shooting projects. Tell us what you need and we will suggest some people who could take part in this movie.