Filming in Kibeho Town Rwanda

Filming in Kibeho Town Rwanda

Kibeho is a small town in the southern part of Rwanda. It is best known as a global pilgrimage destination for Roman Catholics since 28th November 1981 and the main focal point is Kibeho Church where the faithful receive Holy Communion. Kibeho Town is great for those interested in filming religious events and pilgrimages in Africa. Today the site is a host to pilgrims throughout the year with two major dates dominating the calendar The Assumption Day (15th August) and 28th November (the anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s appearance). During peak seasons the Kibeho Church receives between 25,000-30,000 visitors including religious tourists and pilgrims from across the world including the USA, European and Asian countries. Kibeho town is also known for the Kibeho Massacre which happened in April 1995 when several thousand internally displaced people were killed by the Rwandan Patriotic Army.kibeho town rwanda

Requirements and permissions for filming in Kibeho Town

You will need to get a filming permit for you to be allowed to film in Kibeho Town. Rwanda filming permits are issued by the Ministry of Sports and Culture. Filming permits can be secured directly by contacting this ministry however if you want less hassle contact Film Fixers to assist you with all the ground processes to secure for you the Rwanda Filming permits. Filming permits in Rwanda cost $30 valid for 15 Days and $50 valid for 3 Days. The permits are strictly issued by the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture, an institution under the Ministry of Sports and Culture. Your filming equipment will also need to be cleared with customs at the point of entry in Rwanda. Contact us at Film crew fixers we will be able to process both the filming permissions with Local Authorities in Rwanda, Accommodation, transportation for you as well guide, and help you with clearance processes at the point of entry into Rwanda.

Rwanda Press Accreditation

After securing the Rwanda Filming permits for filming in Rwanda, all film crew members must have press Accreditation from the Rwanda Media High Council. For you to get the press accreditation in Rwanda you will be required to film in the Rwanda Press Accreditation Application Form (Which we normally send to you) with all details and then attached the following;

  • Official letter requesting for accreditation addressed to the Executive Secretary
  • Two colored passport size photographs
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of visa except for those who come from countries that benefit from the Rwanda Visa Waiver For example From the East African Community member states, USA, COMESA Member states among others contact us here for more details
  • A copy of a press card from your country of origin
  • A receipt of Payment from the Rwanda Revenue Authority
  • List of Filming equipment and kits to be used during your shoot

On top of this, we will need a letter from the filming company detailing who they are, why they are filming, where they will be filming, and details of crew members on this shoot. We will attach this letter to all details provided and send them to Rwanda Media High Council for press accreditation. This takes 2-3 working days for the press accreditation cards to be ready.

For you to secure the Rwanda Press Accreditation you are required to pay as follows to Rwanda Revenue Authority depending on the length of your shoot in Rwanda;

  • $30 Press Accreditation Card valid for 01 to 15 days
  • $50 Press Accreditation Card valid for 15 days to 30 days
  • $100 Press Accreditation Card valid for 1 to 3 months
  • $200 Press Accreditation Card valid for 3 to 6 months
  • $300 Press Accreditation Card valid for 6 months to 1 year

Kindly note the rates above are used as a guide and these change from time to time. Contact us here for up-to-date rates.

Rwanda Visa Advice

You will need to purchase a Tourist or Business visa for you to get into Rwanda for Filming. Many film crews prefer getting their visas before they come to Rwanda but visas can be obtained easily upon arrival at any entry point and in this case Kigali International Airport upon paying either USD50.00 for Tourist Visa you will get it immediately. Those who come from countries that benefit from the Rwanda Visa Waiver For example From the East African Community member states, USA, COMESA Member states among others don’t need to pay for the Visa and they will be cleared upon arrival at any point of entry into Rwanda contact us here for more details.

Rwanda Vehicle Hire Services

Film Crew Fixers organizes transport for film crews depending on their interest, budget, and the nature of roads in such selected locations they are filming in Rwanda. For rough terrains, like in National Parks, we recommend Customized 4×4 Land Cruisers which costs from USD200-250 per vehicle per day with Driver/Fixer or 4×4 Safari Vans from USD200 per Van per day with driver/Fixer. For us to estimate how much it will cost in terms of fuel, we will need to look at your filming schedule to establish mileage and distance to be traveled. We also organize both charter and scheduled air transport for those that need to fly in order to reduce the number of hours.

Fixers in Rwanda to help you film in Kibeho Town

All our vehicles come with drivers who act as location fixers and most of them have been to almost all parts of Rwanda and are thus conversant with the local situations and can provide relevant information and fix any situation on the ground. These act as intermediaries between you and our office while on location in Rwanda.

Accommodation in Kibeho Town

Accommodation options to stay in during filming in Kibeho Town range from Budget, mid-range to luxury options. You will choose what to stay in depending on your interests and budget. Lodge options include Regina Pacis Kibeho, Kitabi Eco-center, and Golden Monkey Hotel among others. Contact us here for reservation and booking details.

What is the best time to film in Kibeho Town?

Filming in Kibeho Town is done throughout the year and the best time is during major dates dominating the calendar when many religious tourists and pilgrims visit the site for prayers that is on the Assumption Day (15th August) and 28th November (the anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s appearance).

How to get to Kibeho Town

Kibeho Town can be accessed by road the roads leading to this town are of good quality and well maintained, the drive here takes approximately 4 to 5 hours from Kigali. Private cars are also available and can be hired for about $60 excluding fuel and a driver. However, there is also an option to use public buses if you are traveling on a tight budget.

Why use Film crew fixers to film in Kibeho Town.

Film crew Fixers is a local fixer company, assisting filming companies and Production agencies in Uganda and East Africa as a whole. We handle all fixer services required with our professional team of local fixers and driver guides. We have all relevant connections with other service providers and government agencies in Rwanda to make sure that accreditation and filming permits are processed in the shortest time possible. Contact us for details and all relevant information you would like to know to film in Kibeho Town.


Film Crew Fixers offers Pre-Production. Production and Post production fixer services in East Africa. Such services include, filming permissions, Press Accreditation, Kit Customs Clearing, Location Scouting, transport and accommodation, visa and work permit advice, security and so much more