Filming Permissions in Kenya


Film crew fixers assist in processing your film permits to shoot documentaries and videos in selected locations in Kenya/Nairobi. The process needs time, but when we start it, the turnaround is quick.

We request all Television, Production companies, and film crews to submit their applications and related paperwork to us so that we forward them for processing. All those interested in filming in Kenya have to apply through a local fixer/agent registered with the ministry. For one to get permission to film in Kenya, you must provide details of the project include who is behind it, why, and when it is going to take place.

Kenya being an attractive filming location compared to other countries in East Africa; it attracts more people during some periods, which include the great migrations. You may be required to contact us in advance to chat about the best time for your video and documentary shoot.

The government of Kenya is very supportive, and processing your filming permit should not take more than two weeks.

For more information about processing filming permissions to shoot commercial videos and documentaries, please feel free to contact us.

About Kenya Film Commission

A Licensing office issues filming license in Kenya at the department of filming services at the Ministry of Information and communications(Kenya Filming commission). Being a government body, some bureaucratic tendencies may be experienced with a slow email response and no phone calls. It is, therefore, imperative to all international and foreign film crews and production companies to employ services of a local registered agent/fixer to process and apply for filming license on their behalf. Let us discuss this together.

Film Crew fixers has overtime worked and successfully executed this process diligently due to our excellent working relations with our local agents. We make sure that the process is speeded up by making follow-ups in terms of calls and email correspondences.

The following comprehensive list of paper work will be required

  • Formal letter of application.
  • Application form itself
  • List of all foreign crew members, giving names, nationalities, passport numbers, and dates of expiry of passports.
  • Script and synopsis or storyboard.
  • List of equipment to be imported for shooting purposes, the value of each piece of equipment, etc. This is part of the process and determines the fee for the equipment. Do not worry; it is not excessive.

There are fees involved (over and above the Agent Fee, which is negotiable depending on their involvement).

  • Initial Fee for documentaries, dramas, short features, advertising, and stills – Kshs. 5000 (US$50)
  • Initial Fee for a full-length feature film – Kshs. 15,000 (US$150)
  • Filming fee per day – Kshs 1000 (US$10)
  • Filming Special Pass (per crew member) – US$150

The process may take some time, but we will ensure that all filming licenses are processed in time for your shoot.