Filming accommodation

At Film Crew Fixers, we recognize that finding comfortable and affordable accommodation in Uganda for your filming tour can be challenging. However, our team of experts simplifies the process by organizing everything you need for a successful trip.

We’ve built strong relationships with various hotels and lodges across Uganda, ensuring we can find the best accommodation for your needs at affordable rates. Simply let us know your preferred accommodation category, length of stay, and budget, and we will handle the rest.

We advise clients planning a filming tour in Uganda to book their accommodation early. Demand for lodging often peaks during the high seasons from June to September and December to February.

Accommodation prices vary based on preferences, location, and season. During the low/rainy season, prices often drop due to lower demand, unlike in the peak season.

Finding Ideal Film Crew Accommodation in Uganda

When booking accommodation for your filming project, it is important to consider the following;

Budget: Your budget significantly influences the type of accommodation. Many production companies prefer budget-friendly options, especially when working within tight financial constraints. Fortunately, suitable accommodations are available regardless of your filming location.

Filming Location: Proximity to the filming site is crucial. Choosing accommodation close to your filming location reduces transportation costs and travel time, allowing more time for filming.

Security: Ensuring a secure place for both the crew and expensive equipment is essential. While cheaper options may offer lower security, a reasonable budget can guarantee the safety of the crew and gear.

Amenities: We ensure your accommodation has the necessary amenities, such as sufficient electricity to charge equipment. We prioritize visitor comfort and health, carefully selecting facilities that meet our clients’ standards.



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