Filming Equipment in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya

Filming Equipment in East Africa

In East Africa, countries like Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda often lack the necessary filming equipment required by international film crews and production companies. Only Kenya has a sufficient and up-to-date inventory of cameras and gear available for hire. Consequently, we recommend that you bring your own filming equipment when planning shoots in Uganda, Rwanda, or Burundi. We can assist you with the customs clearance process to ensure your equipment is legally brought into these countries. Since Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi are not carnet countries, you will be required to pay a temporary importation fee. A bond will be established for your equipment to guarantee its return after filming. For detailed information on this process, feel free to contact us.

Hiring Filming Equipment

As previously mentioned, Kenya is the only country in the region with a robust selection of filming equipment for hire. Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda do not have widely recognized equipment rental services. However, if you need to hire equipment, we can source it from Nairobi, Kenya, or even from South Africa if necessary. To facilitate this process, Film Crew Fixers will need you to provide a detailed kit list, specifying the types of cameras, jibs, and other gear you require. This will help us identify and secure the specific equipment needed for your production in Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya. If we are unable to find the necessary equipment in Kenya, we will extend our search to South Africa. Please contact us to discuss your equipment needs further.

Comprehensive Support for Film Crews

Film Crew Fixers is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to film crews working in East Africa. In addition to facilitating equipment importation and rentals, we also offer extensive transport and accommodation services. Our fleet of customized Land Cruisers and 4×4 minibusses is designed to meet the specific needs of photography and filming crews, ensuring ample space for transporting equipment across various locations. Our vehicles are driven by experienced driver guides and local fixers who possess in-depth knowledge of the regions, providing valuable logistical support and ensuring smooth navigation through diverse terrains. We also offer charter flight options for quick and convenient travel to remote filming locations. Whether you are shooting in urban centers or natural landscapes, we ensure that your crew’s logistical needs are fully covered.

Beyond transport and equipment support, we arrange accommodation for film crews across East Africa. We have established partnerships with hotels and lodges in key cities and remote locations, including Entebbe, Kampala, Kigali, Kinshasa, Nairobi, Bujumbura, Goma, Arusha, Juba, and various national parks. We cater to different preferences by offering budget, mid-range, and upscale accommodation options. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons in June, July, August, and September, to secure the best rates and avoid shortages. Contact us to discuss how we can support your next filming endeavor in East Africa.


Film Crew Fixers offers Pre-Production. Production and Post production fixer services in East Africa. Such services include, filming permissions, Press Accreditation, Kit Customs Clearing, Location Scouting, transport and accommodation, visa and work permit advice, security and so much more