Filming Security in East Africa

Film Crew Fixers organizes filming security for film crews and production companies that request it. There several reasons why film crew companies and production companies may need filming security while filming in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, or the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most insurance companies that insure filming equipment will require you to have security while filming in Uganda, Rwanda and other East African countries such that should there be any unexpected circumstance or act, then, they are assured that you tried your best by hiring a security firm to protect your filming equipment but what happened was beyond your control. The second reason why film crews, television, and production companies may need filming security is that you want to be assured of your safety and security plus that of your equipment while filming in Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and or Rwanda. Security personnel, in this case, will provide the necessary security for you and your equipment while filming in any of the locations mentioned for the duration agreed upon.

Film Crew Fixers is in a position to organize security for your filming projects in Uganda and Rwanda as long as you let us know. While in Uganda, you may use the services of Uganda police, which by far is the cheapest of all forces, or you can hire services of any given private and licensed security firms. Whether you want uninformed or un-uniformed security personnel, with or without guns, we will do this for you to make sure that all goes well with your filming.

Just like any other fixer service that we offer, organizing your filming security while in Uganda/Rwanda and other locations takes about 2-3 working days as long as we have an official letter from you television or production company indicating who you are, why your coming to film, when and the reason why you want this security. We will then forward this to the relevant authorities/ police or Private and licensed security firms who will then determine how much you will be required to pay for this service. Are you planning to film in Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Kenya, The Democratic Repbulic of Congo or Rwanda and require security for your crew and filming equipment?, our Logistical fixers are available to help you organize this as long as you send us an email or a telephone call using telephone contacts on our website.


Film Crew Fixers offers Pre-Production. Production and Post production fixer services in East Africa. Such services include, filming permissions, Press Accreditation, Kit Customs Clearing, Location Scouting, transport and accommodation, visa and work permit advice, security and so much more