Hiring drones in Uganda is now possible with Film Crew Fixers your reliable production fixer in East Africa. It should be noted that the government of Uganda suspended the importation of Drones and Ugandans who have drones are supposed to register them with the government. If you want to capture some aerial shorts during your Uganda shoot, please contact us with the specification of the Drone needed and the duration of your shoot and we will source one for you. Further, note that Uganda has few latest drones and the few that are available for hire must be reserved in advance. Are you looking for Marvic or Phantom? Please contact us and we shall advise.

Temporary Importation of Drones in Uganda

The best option available for production and film crews is to temporarily import your drone into the country. Film Crew Fixers has on many occasions assisted our clients with this process. The Government of Uganda has a clear process and laid down guidelines that must be followed to bring in your Drone. While this is possible, it requires at least 2-4 months in advance.

Below is the process one must undergo to temporary import Drones into Uganda

  • The Drone proprietor should write to the Line Ministry requesting for a letter of no objection and submit it together with a request to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) for the intended drone operation.
  • Attach authentic pilot licenses for the operators
  • Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) then writes to the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) after evaluation of the request for the operation of the drone.
  • The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) convenes the tripartite Committee to evaluate the request and writes to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) communicating approval or otherwise.
  • Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) conducts safety evaluations and communicates safety and security approval to the drone proprietor.
  • After permission has been granted, an authorization letter will be forwarded to the line ministry which will communicate to Film Crew Fixers by email or phone. We will pick up your letter and forward it to our clearing agent.
  • A fee is charged by Film Crew Fixers for the above as well as clearing it into and out of the country.

Why use Film Crew Fixers to process all required paperwork

As seen above, temporary importation is a long process and there are lots of bureaucratic tendencies involved which can be frustrating. Film Crew Fixers is here to assist you in avoiding all this. We are one of the leading and respected Fixer agencies by Government Authorities because of our professionalism. In our 10 or so years of operation, we have relevant connections in respective offices which makes it easy for us to assist you in the temporary importation of your drones. Our Logistics producer will guide you in arranging all paperwork required until the process is successful. For more information about Drone hire and importation, kindly contact us by email and or phone and we will advise you accordingly.

Other paperwork needed by Drone Operators

Having permission to temporarily clear your drone into the country is not enough. You need to process your visa, work permit and media card to be allowed to come into Uganda to film and operate your drone. Work passes and Visas must be applied online through the Ministry of Internal Affairs while Media Accreditation is done prior through Uganda Media Council. Film Crew Fixers assists all clients in processing Visas, Work passes, and Media Cards. All this can take 3-5 working days.

When you hire a drone with Film Crew Fixers, we will assist you in requesting permissions from the respective authorities as well as locations where you will be filming. For more information on the types of Drones available for hire, please contact us by phone or email. Further note that Film Crew Fixers can assist you to hire or temporarily importing drones into Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and most countries in East and Horn of Africa./vc_column_text]


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