Media Accreditation Processing In Uganda

Media Accreditation Processing In Uganda

Uganda’s unique culture, breathtaking scenery, and dynamic cities have made it a popular destination for journalists, filmmakers, and media professionals a like. Whether you are covering a major event, making a documentary, or reporting on current events, gaining media accreditation is a critical step toward ensuring that your activities are recognized and allowed by the Ugandan government and laws.

Film Crew Fixers Uganda has specialized in acquiring media accreditation over the years for film crew members interested in filming or photographing in Uganda. We do this by working hand in hand with the Media Council of Uganda. This is the organization that is responsible for issuing media cards in the country. Our smooth and long-term working relationship with the Media Council of Uganda ensures that you can get your media card ready in three working days, provided that you have shared all the necessary documents needed.

Why is Media Accreditation Important? 
Media accreditation is necessary for film crews seeking to film In Uganda because of the following reasons.

Legitimacy: Accreditation validates your existence and actions in Uganda, establishing you as a genuine journalist or media professional. This protects you and the content that you are capturing in the field. This helps you avoid any problems with different authorities while you are on shoot.
Access: It gives you access to restricted locations, events, and official press conferences, allowing you to obtain detailed and exclusive information. When you have media accreditation,  you are free to film in most public places which wouldn’t be the same without it. Even though certain places may be public, filming in them without permission would go against the law thus making it important to have media accreditation.

Protection: Accreditation gives a degree of protection and support from both local governments and international organizations, which is critical for your safety and the integrity of your work. Media cards identify you as a legal working person in the country. This will help you from any sort of exploitation from the local people who may try to take advantage of you filming without any sort of accreditation.

Steps to Obtain Media Accreditation in Uganda

Before starting the process of media accreditation in Uganda, it is important that you averse yourself with information about the requirements to get accredited. There are many requirements that a film crew has to meet while applying for media accreditation before it is issued to them.

Generally, the following documents are needed:

  • Applicants must fill out in full Media Council of Uganda Form G;
  • Attach a clearance letter/Certificate of good conduct from Interpol in the applicant’s country of origin
  • Attach a letter of introduction of the journalist/media worker from the employer; Addressed to The Secretary Media Council of Uganda.
  • A valid passport copy of the applicant with at least 6 months validity.
  • Attach a passport-size photograph
  • Work Permit for Uganda by all applicants. (Refer to Special Passes with Uganda Immigration services)
  • Pay the required fees for the Media Accreditation.

We will guide you through the process of getting accredited and we know that not being on the ground makes it harder to know what is required and how to follow up. Our team of dedicated fixers is here to cater to this and more and provide you with the invaluable support that you need. Provide us with all the above requested documents and we will submit them on your behalf and still follow it up to ensure that they are processed in time. Our delivery time on this is usually within a maximum of 5 working days.

Please note; that we provide services also of arranging for your work permit, which is more time-consuming and more demanding than the media accreditation. Click here to see requirements for Special passes in Uganda.

Work permits/Special Passes

What is a Special Pass, and how to get it?
A special pass is a document that allows you to legally work in Uganda.  This is one of the important documents that are needed by the media council for you to get media accreditation. The pass is issued by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control. The process requires us to fill out a form and attach documents; a passport copy, passport photograph, introductory letter addressed to the immigration office, and a cover letter that is issued to you by the Media Council of Uganda. The special pass for Uganda costs USD400.00 per person. Our experts are available to help you with all this.
What is a certificate of good conduct?

A Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) is an official document issued by a government or law enforcement agency that certifies an individual’s criminal record, or lack thereof, within a specific jurisdiction. The certificate is typically requested for various purposes, as a journalist this is required of you to come to Uganda as it serves as evidence of an individual’s past criminal history or the absence of any criminal convictions.

The content and process of obtaining a Certificate of Good Conduct can vary significantly from one country to another, as each jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations regarding criminal records and background checks. In some places, the certificate may be referred to by different names, such as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Criminal Record Check, or Police Check.

How to get a certificate of good conduct?

To obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct, an individual usually needs to apply to the relevant government or law enforcement agency responsible for conducting background checks. The application process may involve submitting personal identification details, fingerprints, and other necessary documentation. The agency will then conduct a thorough check of its criminal records database to verify whether the individual has any criminal convictions.

If the individual has a clean record with no criminal convictions, they will be issued a Certificate of Good Conduct indicating their clean history. However, if they have a criminal record, the certificate will include details of their past convictions. Various countries require to get it from different agencies i.e., USA Interpol Letter from the FBI Department, UK Criminal Records Check from ACRO Criminal Records Office, Canada Triton Criminal Records Check, and Australian National Police Certificate. For more guidance on this please feel free to contact us.

Apart from Media Accreditation, we provide other fixing services such as accommodation, transport, filming contracts, permits, and kit clearing services, we ensure that your film crew members are accredited to conduct filming for the period they will spend in Uganda.


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