Media Card Processing In Uganda

Film Crew Fixers assists in Media media card processing for film crew members interested in filming or photographing in Uganda. We do this by working hand in hand with the Uganda Media Council. Our favorable and long term working relation hip with Uganda media council ensures that you can get your media card ready in three working days.

Press Accreditation (Media Card Processing in Uganda) is a prerequisite to all film crews in Uganda. You can get a media card for one month or more, depending on the time you want to spend in Uganda. Most teams spend one to three months and thus will require accreditation for that.

For Film Crew Fixers Uganda to process Media Cards for your film crew, please ask our staff to send you FORM G, so each crew member fills it. This form G is delivered to Uganda Media Council, who will then use the information provided to process your media card.

On top of filling Form G, you will need to write to Uganda Media Council detailing who you are, what you do, and what you will film in Uganda and how your film will help in the development of Uganda. Once you have written this letter on your company headed letter, you will forward it to us, and we deliver it to the Uganda Media Council.

The Uganda Media Council will also require one passport photograph to process your media card, as each media card must bear a passport photograph of each individual.

Press Accreditation in Uganda
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