Production Fixer in Burundi

Burundi Film Fixer & Documentary Production Services

Are you a production company, media agency, or brand company looking for top and professional fixers to offer you production support services? Are you looking for a local talent/crew in Burundi and Bujumbura? Film Crew fixers is a fully-fledged and trusted fixer agency operating in East African countries, including Burundi. We assist in organizing filming permits, scouting locations, local talent, hiring or clearing in filming equipment, transport, and communication as well as arranging accommodation/Hotels for you. If you are looking for local talent, we have trusted and professional locally based service producer, cameramen, and their assistants, sound operators, local film fixers, producers, and so much more. Most of our local crew have worked in most East African countries and are thus conversant with all filming atmospheres available in these countries.

Are you looking for solid top and local fixers in Burundi? Kindly provide us with the below to assist you well
  • Are you looking for information about Burundi filming permits? Click here for details.
  • What are your project dates, and what are the exact shooting dates?
  • Will you need preparations and scouting?
  • How many days will you need for prep and scouting?
  • How many days will you be shooting your documentary in Burundi?
  • If there is any local talent required, can you tell us exactly who and the number of days?
  • Can you let us know of your transport and accommodation requirements?

Would you love to hire equipment or you prefer shipping in your filming equipment? If you need more information on the above and any other issue, please click here.

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