Production Fixer in Kenya

Film Fixers in Kenya | Kenya Fixer | Production Assistants in Nairobi

Are you looking for a Kenya film fixer to assist you with an upcoming shoot? Look no where as Film Crew Fixers Ltd is here to save you a lot of time and hassle, and we will help you to make the most of your filming experience. See below to find out what we do as production assistants in Nairobi or what our Kenya fixer will provide you when you hire our services.

  • Obtaining the necessary filming permits and license needed
  • Location scouting and recce where necessary
  • Hire local crew and talent
  • Provide budgets and managing filming logistics
  • We bridge cultural and language barriers

Why you need Film Crew Fixers as your local line producer in Kenya

To obtain all required filming permits and licenses

The government of Kenya requires all international documentary and filmmakers to hire a local and licensed film fixer company with well-trained Kenya fixers for you to obtain or process the dearly needed filming permits on their behalf before shooting. When hired as your Kenya fixer, we will assist you in navigating the bureaucracy and acquiring all necessary filming permissions efficiently and on time.

Location scouting and recce

Film Crew Fixers Ltd has a duty to find the best locations for your shoot or documentary as well as assign one of our reliable Kenya fixers for your shooting project. Our location fixers in Kenya have vast local knowledge when it comes to scouting and locating the best places that suit your filming project. With 15 years of experience as production fixers in Kenya, you cannot go wrong when you hire our services. For more information about location scouting plus qualified and experienced local crew, please contact us.

Assist in locating and hiring local talent and crew

As your local Kenya film fixer, we have a network of local crew and talent to bridge the gap. Kenya is blessed with well-trained and professional film producers, directors, Sound operators, models, gaffers and so much more. Our role as local producers in Kenya is to ensure that you get the right people for your production. Kindly get in touch for more information.

Managing logistics and budgets

We arrange all pre-production and production logistics for your shoot in any part of Kenya. From accommodation, transport, hiring local talent, filming equipment, and kit custom clearing, we will assist you to get the best deals on each service with will provide. Feel free to contact our on location Kenya film fixer and logistics assistants for production quotes and budgets.

To bridge cultural and language barriers.

Location Kenya is a culturally diverse East Africa country, and it can be challenging for foreign crews to navigate the local culture, history and customs. When contacted, we will help you to bridge the cultural and language barrier and to ensure that your film is respectful of Kenyan culture and traditions.

For more information about our expertise when it comes to fixing in Kenya, kindly refer to our Potifolio and contact us as well.

Popular Filming Location in Kenya

As kenya is known as one of the best filming locations in Africa, lt has various filming locations which include national parks, Reserves, Lakes, and Cities. Our Kenya fixers and location scouts are on standby to suggest or locate exciting places for your shoot as well as pitching ideas for you.

National Parks; Ruma National Park, Aberdare National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park, Amboseli National Park, Meru National Park, Mountain Kenya National Park, Tsavo National Park , Sibiloi National Park.

Reserves; Mwea National Reserve, Nasolot National Reserve, Bisanadi National Reserve, Kakamega National Reserve, Masai Mara National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Lakes; Lake Bogoria, Lake Naivasha.

Cities & Towns; Nairobi city, Mombasa Town, Malindi Town.

Hiring filming Equipment in Nairobi Kenya

Kenya is by far the only country after South Africa where you can source filming equipment to use while filming. Please send us your kit list showing your desired gear, and we will look around for you. The chances are that we will succeed by 100% in securing your filming equipment. Your kit list should indicate the type of equipment as well as all specifications, and we will check availability and send you a quote. Please get in touch with our Kenya film fixer who will check availability and send you a quote.

Kit customs clearing in Kenya/Nairobi

There are those who are interested in bringing their filming gear and camera into Kenya, and our work is to make sure that they are temporarily cleared in without any problem. A non-refundable bond fee is required to make sure that your equipment is allowed to enter the country for filming purposes. Please send us your kit list to our Film fixer in Kenya showing type, serial numbers, and value in dollars, and we will gladly send you a quote.

Kenya is one of the premier filming Locations in Africa, and Film Fixers is glad to be part of this great Nation endowed with Wildlife, Culture, and Landscapes that are important for the filming fraternity. We have a team of well-trained Production and Local Fixers to handle all pre-production activities such as scouting, filming permission, transport, and accommodation in selected locations.

Let our Kenya film fixer comb all corners to scout a proper location for your filming, allow us to process your filming permits as well as clear your filming equipment into Kenya, or assist you in hiring equipment for your project. Feel free to contact us for more information about filming in Kenya


Film Crew Fixers offers Pre-Production. Production and Post production fixer services in East Africa. Such services include, filming permissions, Press Accreditation, Kit Customs Clearing, Location Scouting, transport and accommodation, visa and work permit advice, security and so much more