Rwanda Fixer Services

Rwanda film fixers, Filming Permits and Press Accreditation

Film Crew Fixers Ltd helps in processing Press Accreditation, hiring Rwanda film fixers, and media cards to shoot documentaries and films in Rwanda. Media cards and filming permits or permissions are issued by the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC). At the moment, this costs USD30 for 15 days and USD50 for 30 days or one month. You can download Press accreditation forms from Rwanda Media Council (MHC), fill them and attach all required documents for your press accreditation. Getting your filming permission and press accreditation may take 4-5 working days, and we recommend you try to contact the relevant bodies early enough to avoid inconveniences that may come with short notice applications.

Filming locations in Rwanda

Rwanda has various filming locations that include National Parks, Rivers & Lakes, Cities & Towns.

National Parks; Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Akagera National Park, Mukura National Park.

Cities & Towns; Kigali City, Musanze Town, Kibeho Town, Rubavu Town.

Rivers & Lakes; Akagera River, Lake Kivu.

Press Accreditation cards in Rwanda

To film in Rwanda, it is mandatory for everyone to hold a media pass/card issued by the government. They must meet the requirements in order to be accredited.

  • An official letter from your respective media or production company on a headed letter and signed by an authorized person.
  • Colored passport photos for each crew member
  • A copy of the passport of each crew member
  • A copy of the press card issued by a respected authority
  • A copy of all equipment to be used during your shoot showing type, serial numbers, and values preferably in dollars.

Processing Rwanda Media Cards

  • Rwanda Media cards are processed online individually. Please visit Rwanda’s official state website Irembo here and click on Media to start the process.
  • Attach all necessary documents as will be requested
  • Once the above is completed, make payment using your Visa, Master Card, and, mobile money.
  • After making payment your application will be submitted to Rwanda Media High Council for processing.

Passport and Visa requirements for Rwanda

To enter Rwanda for your production work, you will require a valid visa, and below are the processes you have to go through;

  • All crew members should hold a passport that is at least valid for six months.
  • Your passport must have a clean page where your visa will be stamped
  • All crew members must produce a valid yellow fever card certificate
  • For details about how to apply and price please click here

Kit Customs Clearing Rwanda

Just like in other East African countries, we handle and help in clearing your filming Equipment for filming in Rwanda. The actual cost of your kit customs clearing depends on the value of your Kit list. Film Crew Fixers will process your kit customs clearing in 2-3 working days as long as you send us your detailed Kit list showing the name of each piece of equipment, serial number, and values of each Equipment, preferably in the US Dollars. Once we have a comprehensive Kit list, we will forward it to our clearing Agent for evaluation, and we will inform you of the exact fee to be charged. The same clearing Agent will wait for you at Kigali International Airport to help you with clearing. He will also help you as you leave Rwanda.


There are various beautiful accommodation places available during your shoot in Rwanda.

Click here for more information.


Filming Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is one of the three African countries where one can film mountain gorillas in their natural Habitat. Filming Rwanda mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park requires one to process a gorilla filming permit. For filming gorillas in Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), you pay $5000 as a filming fee for three consecutive days. In addition to this, you pay $12000 for daily exclusive access to a Gorilla group/family. Almost half of the endangered mountain gorillas in the whole world are in Volcanoes National Park. One needs a gorilla permit which costs USD1500.00 to trek mountain gorillas for one hour in Volcanoes National Park

Filming Chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park

It is possible to film chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest National Park.  The filming fee per crew of 3 members is USD1000 on top of the Nyungwe chimpanzee permit. Film Fixers can help you secure your chimpanzee filming permit for Nyungwe Forest National Park when contacted. We work closely with Rwanda Agencies and will process your filming licenses in time. Other wildlife Filmings in Rwanda are charged USD600 per day for a crew of 3 people.

Rwanda Local Fixers

Film Crew Fixers employs highly skilled and professional Fixers/Drivers well vast with filming locations and local knowledge. Our Rwanda fixer is one of the best and has worked with many TV and Production Companies BBC, Tigress production, Comic Relief, Giantfilms and Afriscreen among other companies.


Film Crew Fixers offers Pre-Production. Production and Post production fixer services in East Africa. Such services include, filming permissions, Press Accreditation, Kit Customs Clearing, Location Scouting, transport and accommodation, visa and work permit advice, security and so much more