Uganda Filming

Uganda Filming Permits

Encounter Africa organizes Uganda filming permits and permissions for film crews. Several organizations require film crews to have permission in order to conduct filming and we do so on behalf of film crews that do contact us. For those interested in carrying out filming in gazzatted forest, then you will require permission and permits from National Forestry Authority. Such forests include Budongo forest, Kibale Forest, Mabira forest among others.

We work hand in hand with National Forest Authority to make sure that permits are secured in time. We have been working with National Forest Authority headquarters in Kampala and it just takes us few days to process for you such permits. National Forestry Authority does not require so many details but a letter written to them expressing desire to film in Uganda’s forest will be enough.

Other organizations that strictly request that you get permits is Uganda Wildlife Authority where ever film crew will need to sign a memorandum of understanding-filming contract for the period they will spend in any of Uganda National Park carrying out filming. We do organize this for your organization and you do not need to hassle so much. Once you have provided us with what you want to film, in which national park and the number of days and months you will be spending, then we will forward them to Uganda Wildlife Authority who will in turn evaluate and process a filming contract for you.

Mountain Gorilla Filming

In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla & Volcanoes National Parks

Mountain Gorilla Filming in Uganda & Rwanda

Filming mountain gorillas is possible as long as you have the required paper work. We can assist you in processing filming permits and contract from Uganda Wildlife Authority a body in charge of all National Park in Uganda.

There logistical requirements involved if you want to film mountain gorillas. You will be required to pay USD4000.00 to film gorillas for one hour per day. On top of this, you are required to pay for gorilla permits per person for a specific date. This means that if you have a crew composed of about five people, you will be required to pay for five gorilla permits on top of the USD4000.00.

This money is paid to Uganda Wildlife Authority who will in turn process a memorandum of understanding between UWA and the filming company in order to authorize mountain gorilla filming. Once all the costs have been compiled, they will add a 5% to cater for environmental impacts on the forest.

We have been processing filming permits and contracts on behalf of our clients and all we require from you is to tell us how many days, the exact dates of filming, and the number of people on the crew and we will go ahead and process a contract to allow you film gorillas. This contract can take from five to two weeks so there is need to plan in advance to give this process ample time.

Mountain gorillas are located in Uganda, Rwanda and Uganda. In Uganda gorillas are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park while in Rwanda, they are found in Volcanoes National Park.

We handle all logistical and locational support ranging from scouting, processing filming permits, press accreditation, transport and accommodation.

Chimpanzee Filming

Habituated Chimps in Kibale, Budongo, Kyabura Gorge & Ngamba Islanda

Chimpanzee Filming in Uganda Parks

Filming chimpanzee in Uganda is the next popular thing after mountain gorillas. At Encounter Africa Safaris, we do offer guidance, logistical support and advise on how to go about it. Chimpanzees (Habituated) are found in Kibale National Park in western Uganda, Budongo Forest in Northern Uganda, Karinzu Eco tourism site, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park plus Ngamba Island which is located 23km inside Lake Victoria and can be reached by boat excursion. Ngamba island Chimpanzee sanctuary is home to orphaned chimpanzees that have been rescued fro animal traffickers and cannot return back to their natural habitats. Chimpanzee research projects are in Kibale National Park at Kanyawara Station under Makerere University and the other is in Budongo forest.

Filming Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park requires USD1000 per day for a film crew of not more than five people plus chimpanzee permit per person of USD150 per day. This excludes monitoring fees and USD1000 refundable fees which will be returned to you after presenting a copy of DVD to Uganda Wildlife Authority.

For chimpanzee filming at Budongo forest you will need a filming permit from Uganda National Forestry Authority allowing you to film chimpanzees in Budongo.We do organize filming permits and contracts for Budongo, Kibale and Kyambura Gorge plus any other place in Uganda and we do contact research centers if you need any help.

Mangoose Filming

In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mongoose Filming in Uganda Wildlife Parks

It is now possible to film banded mongoose in Uganda. Researchers from the University of Exeter habituated banded mongoose in the northern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park otherwise known as Mweya and are available for observation, research and filming. Mongoose filming in Queen Elizabeth National Park requires permission from researchers who have daily access to multiple habituation groups. Mongoose filming requires a fee of $300.00 per day paid to researches and before any filming takes place, one must get approval from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) otherwise referred to as UWA filming contract or UWA filming permit must be thought and Encounter Africa Safaris helps you to organize this as long as you provide us with all details as requested by Uganda Widlife Authority. Normally, UWA prefers writing an official letter directed to the Executive Director informing him of who you are, why you want to film banded mongoose, when and how this will benefit conservation of wildlife and tourism promotion at large. The charges will depend on the number of crew members, days you will spend filming banded mongoose in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Contact us for detail on how to process and acquire a contract to film mangoose.

Banded mongooses (Mungos mungo) are small (ca.1.5Kg) diurnal mammals belonging to the Family Herpestidae. They live in mixed sex groups which average around 20 individuals, but groups may sometimes grow to more than 70 individuals. Each group contains multiple breeding males and females, plus sub adults and offspring. Groups sleep together in a single communal den, changing between den sites every 3-5 days. They emerge at sunrise and forage as a group in the morning and afternoon before returning to the den at sunset. Unusually, there is no reproductive suppression of subordinate females in this species, and most females breed in each breeding attempt. In around most breeding attempts all pregnant females give birth on exactly the same day! This level of birth synchrony is unique among mammals. Pups are kept underground for 3-4 weeks before emerging from the den to join the group on foraging trips. During this period offspring are guarded at the den by one or more ‘babysitters’, usually males. After they start to travel with the group pups are guarded by adult escorts, again usually males. Each escort forms an exclusive bond with a single pup, guarding it from predators and teaching it to find and handle food.

Filming In Uganda National Parks

Filming In Uganda National Parks

Encounter Africa Safaris organizes wildlife filming in Uganda National Parks on behalf of film crews that do contact us. We do this through logistical support and organization on behalf of our clients. We give advice depending on the requirements of our clients who are the film crews.Uganda boosts of ten National Parks each with different ecosystems and being Ugandans and professional at that, you will find our knowledge about wildlife very helpful.

Requirements for wildlife filming in Uganda National Parks

All National Parks in Uganda are under Uganda Wildlife Authority that is in charge of protecting and conserving wildlife in and out of National Park. If you are interested in carrying out filming in Uganda National Parks then a filming contract will be required. Please do contact us for information on how to process a filming contract with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Uganda Wildlife Authority charges filming fees for filming in national parks depending on how many members are in the crew and for how long they will be filming in given National Parks. The longer the filming, the less the fee. On top of that, the crew has to pay for vehicle and park entry fees, monitoring fees and a refundable fee that will be given back to after providing a copy of DVD to Uganda Wildlife.

Arial Filming

Aerial Filming in Uganda

Aerial filming is accepted in Uganda and you too can film any areas of your interest. We have had many film companies carrying out aerial filming in national parks and forest of Uganda and we have worked with them to produced successful shoots.

We welcome film crews with their helicopters to come and do Aerial filming in Uganda but should you have no helicopter, please do not worry as our work is to fix all that you need. We have a health working relationship with tropic Air in Kenya which is by far the best in East Africa and then Fly Uganda plus other aviation companies to get you any plane that you may need to conduct your aerial shoot in Uganda. Most pilots at Tropic Air are well conversant with most points in Uganda and you will be excited working with them.

Encounter Africa Safaris further helps you with securing flying permission from Civil Aviation Authority for your Aerial Filming in Uganda to fly in Uganda’s territory. Whether you are to film in National Parks or any other place, Civil Aviation Authority must give you permission to do so. For more information about obtaining clearance for aerial filming in Uganda, do contact us.

If you have you kit/filming equipment fixed in your helicopter, you might not need to pay for kit clearing fees but if you are to film in any National Park, you will be required to pay for the filming contract and landing fees on top of that.

BBC became the first company to carry out aerial filming in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in 2013 and the exception with this is that whether you are interested in gorillas or not, gorilla filming fees of USD4000 per day applies. For more information about aerial filming in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, do not hesitate to contact us.